25th November 2013

Part 3: The Mobile Revolution – The web must be victorious

In our view, there can only be one victor in this mobile revolution. The almighty world wide web.

The internet has created global communities. Open source products and platforms are now the back bone of the internet, and new technologies and ideas are being developed daily. So when considering how best to package information or provide a software product/service the first port of call should be the internet.

With the growing number of operating systems, developing a cross compatible application that can be installed (and sure to work) without any hindrances is often expensive, and the cost of keeping up with change can be astronomical. Not long ago Apple’s iOS was the operating system to be developing for, but now we are seeing innovations both in the open source world and commercial world, and newer operating systems are leading the way. Apple lost it’s crown recently to Android which is now the most widely used mobile technology globally.

Enter the web.

Developing for the web means you can produce an application that will run on any platform, no matter what the operating system. The internet is constantly maturing and with cross browser standardisation in the form of HTML5 being so actively pushed by the global community, it’s even easier to develop user friendly, cross compatible applications without the limitations of the user’s technology of choice.

Open source has driven a lot of this change, there are now many frameworks available that allow the speedy development of web applications both for mobile and for desktop. jQuery Mobile, jQTouch, Sencha Touch are only a small selection of the open source or free frameworks now available that are powering both mobile web apps and native apps alike with a user experience that matches that of any app native to its device.

The same philosophy to application development is not limited to just the mobile arena either. With the Apple Mac and Linux operating systems plus the many versions of Windows over the last few years, creating applications that can be downloaded to a person’s desktop and be used without compatibility issues is becoming increasingly harder.

The web offers standardisation, compatibility, cost savings, cutting edge technologies, open exchange of technology and ideas, freedom…

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